3 Ways To Pay Off Credit Card Dues Without Trouble

Credit cards bills can cause mayhem sometimes when you know that your debts have risen to a level that you find it difficult to cope with. Here are some effective ways to prevent such chaos.

1. Don’t fail to pay off minimum repayment:
Always make a point to pay off and clear your minimum repayment dues before the due date, every month. Otherwise you will find yourself submerged in the pool of hefty credit card repayments. Most credit card companies charge a late payment fee when you fail to pay your minimum monthly repayment amount which again adds to the debt amount which amounts to a bomb as the time passes by.

Hence, pay off your repayment dues without fail every month. Remind yourself of the date by setting reminders in your mobile or calendar reminders.

2. Try to pay more:
Don’t get into the habit of only clearing off minimum monthly repayment dues and carrying forwards the debts. It will only mean paying higher interest rates every subsequent month.

3. Fragment your payments:
You will find it easier to make payments on a more regular basis than monthly. For instance, you have to pay 100 dollars at the end of the month. Wouldn’t you be well-off paying 25 dollars each week? This habit also ensures that your payments are made before the due date. It also prevents delay of payments which only pile up your debts.

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Image Courtesy: blog.credit.com

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