How To Avoid Delaying Credit Card Payments?

Credit card does give you the feeling of a luxurious lifestyle where you pay on the go. But this luxury can also bite you if you keep on delaying the payments. Here are some ways to avoid procrastination of payments.

1. Say no to cash advances
Making advance payments on your credit card can cost a bomb as you getting charged (interest) from day one. Apart from that you may have to pay a privilege fee, and separate interest amount (As some companies charge different rate of interest on advances from that of purchases).

2. Watch your spends
For instance, you pay 100 dollars a month of your credit card. However, you spend 120 dollars every month. This means your debt is only rising by 20 dollars every month coupled with interest and other privilege fees. Therefore, take time to review your credit card statements and ensure your debts and expenditure habits are in control.

3. Set goals and limits
This is one of the quickest ways to keep your debts under control and reduce them with time. First, set a date when you will pay your credit card date in full. Second, set a target (number) where you aim to reach bringing your debts down over a period of time.

This way you ensure you clear all your debts while keeping expenditure habits under control. Learn more about balance transfer credit card in UAE by visiting

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