Immediate Steps To Take During Credit Card Theft While Travelling

When you travel abroad, especially for the first time you are innately vulnerable. It is because it is a new country with new people. This newness brings with it a lot of surprises – good and bad. You don’t know which road is most susceptible to morning, or afternoon thefts. Also you might get lost in the bravura of the city lights leaving your credit card at the shop counter after you get your favourite booze! And the wallet has your most reliable tour companion – credit card. What to do when you realize it is lost? Here are some quick steps to take.

Get a prepaid debit card:
Some countries sell prepaid debit cards. If you happen to be in such a country, you are lucky. Just get a few prepaid cards and you get the benefit of using a credit card. It is always better to buy some as you think will be appropriate for the entire trip lest your credit card goes dark. Store them in your hotel safe or your bag and they will save you during emergencies.

Cash advance:
Some credit cards allow you to get a cash advance at any ATM or bank. This is a good option when you don’t have debit card.

This comes without saying that you will look for an ATM first thing and settle your cash deficiency using your debit card when you lose your credit card. However, do keep a tag on the high ATM fees in the absence of partner banks close by.

Wire transfer:
Use this as a last option when none of the above options come handy as this pretty expensive.

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