The Do’s and Don’ts While Using a Credit Card

A credit card has its own perks. But it can bite you by burdening with hefty interests lest you do not pay your bills on time. Here are some do’s and don’ts to keep credit card woes at bay.

It’s recommended to not buy a credit card when:
• A credit card company gives credit card with no identity verification and evidence
• A credit card is devoid of signature or shows a signature that is different from other identification means
• A credit is expired

Other things to remember:

Do not expose your credentials
Refrain from noting down your credit card details like PIN, etc on papers. Such practices are liable to expose your credentials to people who can use it to their advantage. It is rather convenient and safe to remember these credentials.

Handle with care
Many a times, people forget to take back their credit cards after doing a purchase at malls or shops. This carelessness is apparent when you’re busy attending to your call, or looking around for the most lucrative sales tags, all this while forgetting you just used your card but didn’t put it back in your wallet!

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